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UPDATE : COVID 19 & Caesar’s north camps

Dear friends, Unfortunately, once again, the opening of the border, for non essential traveling, as been delayed until July 21st. We are heartbroken to have to postpone your fishing trip with us to a further date or until next year…Rest assured, that we will be calling every group individually to plan your next trip.It is…
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Covid 19 & Caesar’s North Camp

Dear Friends, With everything going on these days with the Corona virus, we thought to give you a little update on the situation for the upcoming season… First of all, we hope that you anfd your family are well… On our side, everything is normal so far and we are getting ready for upcoming season.…
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Brand new cabin at Lake Impossible

Great news: A new cabin with a capacity of 12 people with 3 bedrooms will replaced the old cabin at lake Impossible. The new cabin will have a screen porch and brand new boats with boat seats..
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New cabin at Gouin1

This is our new cabin built in the fall of 2018 at Gouin 1. It has the capacity of 8 outdoorsmen with 2 bedrooms and 4 brand new boats. The cabin has a screen patio and all the amenities you need. You will to be comfortable to fish that remote section of the Gouin reservoir…
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Welcome to the new Caesar’s North Camps web site !

Hi to all fisherman’s !!! Probably some of you noted changes on the Caesar’s web site, doesn’t it look good? We’ve upgraded it to give you an easer way to access the information and it’s also easier to see all of your fishing pictures. Also, we’ll have a fishing blog section and try to give…
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