Is an exciting experience in Northern Quebec.

We have created the perfect bear hunting package plan for you. When you book your fishing trip with us, let us know if you want to hunt Black Bear at the same time.

Gun registration form
This the link to the website for the gun declaration forms :
When you type that in and arrive at that page, in the box at the top, put 5589 in. Make 3 copies of forms per person. Fill in all 3 forms but DO NOT SIGN them until you are in front of the person responsible for them at the border.

This Bear’s Hunting week includes

  • Fishing and Bear combo at 1495$
  • Boats (2 pers. per boat), motor and unlimited gas.
  • We will bait for you before you arrive and give you extra bait
  • Skin pickup and freezing storage by our pilot
  • Can keep the meat in our freezer
  • (Not included; moose license, guide, food and taxes)

Our season is from mid May until the end of June

Bear Hunting Licence

225.00$ CAD / 175.00$ USD

***Not all the people in your fishing group will want to hunt and they don’t have to, nor do they have to pay the extra $495.00 if they don’t want to.
***You’ll need to buy your bear licence if you don’t have one.

Fill this form and send it to us (mail or email) at least 6 weeks before your fly-in fishing trip.